Saturday, April 8, 2017

April 8 2017

On Wednesday we went to clinic since r still wasn't improving from our visit on the 22 and the 28. He still had a cough, sleep issues, and was coughing up lots of yellow mucus. On the 28th he started cefdinir and the first 3 doses he showed signs of an allergic reaction but thankfully that has subsided. I contacted clinic on Monday to see what to do since R was still not his normal self and they made us an appointment in the pulmonary office on Wednesday. At that appointment R weighed 13k (due to him wearing shoes, holding George Pig, and Chase. So I don't believe it was accurate.) The doc. examined him and prescribed steroids,  predisone, to aid in him getting better. She looked over his nasal and chest xrays and briefly discussed that R showed signs of sinus diease and has 3mm thicking. At this time, we aren't overly concerned with the sinus issues but it was a good find so now we can monitor and be aware of the sinus diease.

Since our appointment on Wednesday, his cough has declined and his bloody nasal drainage has also. He still has clear snot and is coughing up mucus but is showing signs of improvement. Being on prednisone increases his appetite and can cause mood changes. So far R hasn't been drastically affected by these side effects but in the past that increased with time. We go back to clinic on Thursday the 13th to reevaluate.

CF is such a difficult diease to know how to treat. If a stranger were to see R they would think he was a totally normal 2 year old but only if they could see the battle raging within... The scars in his lungs, the thickening of his nasal passages, the issues with his pancreas, and the thick mucus covering everything only then would they understand the severity of cystic fibrosis. I'm so thankful that CF is an invisible diease and that R will live a normal life but it does make knowing how sick he is a challenge. Good thing the Lord can see inside and he can heal the damage that man cannot see. I trust in his plan, after all he is the great physician.

Thank you to Union for inviting us to your church to share our story and thank uou for supporting the foundation which will one day cure CF.

We have ordered more bracelets and ordered our shirts!

We will be sharing our testimony at Pine Grove this Sunday starting at 11.

Don't forget the spaghetti dinner on the 23rd at Brittontown Church around 12:00! We will also be sharing our journey there that morning and it is bring a friend day. So load up the car, come expecting God to move, and then enjoy a good meal!

I am so blessed to have my perfect child and for the many doors God is opening for us. I am truly amazed by his love for me.

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