Sunday, May 21, 2017

Day 4 May 20

98.3 Temp

0830: Albuterol,Hypersal 7%, Pulmozyme, 30 minutes cpt
0900: Vitamin, Prevacid
0915:4oz food via tube
1100: Applesauce
1200: Ceftazidime
1245: Lunch + 4oz tubie food + multivitamin with iron
1330: Pulmonary doc came to visit. The bottom of lungs sound clearer but the upper are still full. Stopping Tobi.
1400: Nap
1530: Albuterol, Hypersal 7%, 30 minutes CPT
1600: Picc line cap change and administered ceftazidime
1800: 5oz Real Food Blends via tube, first time using this prepackaged blend...
2000: Albuterol, Hypersal 7%, Pulmozyme, Aerobika, and 30 minutes CPT
2100: Ranitidine, Ceterizine, & Montelukast.
2200: Tiny Human Asleep.

Today was an easy day. We had a short visit from neuro and they said everything was great. R is coughing really hard and sounds super junky but we feel its moving up and out so that is good. R and i were both hateful harry today but that is totally okay. We worked it out together. Ha! Fun times.

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