Friday, May 26, 2017

May 23 - 25

*Note to self, must make time to blog on day of to prevent forgetting valuable information.*

The past few days have been easy peasy.

We have done treatments and lots of tube feeds since r isn't much on eating these days.

His lungs are sounding clearer and his cough is fading away.

His lab work was all great and his bronchial culture grew moraxella catarrhalis. This bacterial growth is one that we have grew before and probably occured when he was fighting haemophilus parainfluenza.  It also explains his swollen  tonsils, adenoids, and lymphoids. Since he did not grow pseudo or anything severe we stopped the tobi and are only on the fortaz/Ceftazidime.

We changed his dressing again on may 25. That is never a fun task but he did great and his picc site looks wonderful no redness or swelling and it draws blood like a dream.

Since it has been rainy we have spent all of our time tucked away in our room. We have been building with leggos and learning lots on our tablet.

On Monday our nurse went home sick with a stomach bug and on wednesday night I caught it too. I was up all night wednesday and thursday day puking my guts up. I couldn't keep anything down so I spent most of the day laying on the cold bathroom tile. I felt horrible and I felt even worse because I was unable to care for r like he needed me to. It literally broke my heart to be unavailable to him. We got up at 0430am on thursday and spend the next 3 hours sitting in hot shower. He was great company and took wonderful care of me. Thankfully my mom was able to save the day and she helped keep the ship afloat.  Thank you mom for stepping in and helping us when I could not.

We should be heading home somewhere around the 31st-2nd.

R is doing great and I couldn't ask more of him. He truly is so much more than I deserve and I love him more that I know how to explain.

Weight & Temp:
23: 12.4k 98.3
24: 12.6K 97.2
25: 12.3k 97.6

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